House-Made Limoncello

 Delicicious, sweet, tart, puckery, fresh.

It’s the quintessential aperitif that’s sipped after dinner

and often described as “sunshine in a bottle.”


Michele Chiarlo "Nivole" Moscato D'Asti         

Michele Chiarlo Nivole is a darling of a Moscato; fresh, sweet and delicate; lots of apricots and flowers here.


Antica Sambuca con la mosca

Traditional after dinner liqueur served with 3 coffee beans -a lucky number which represents health, prosperity and happiness.


MACALLAN 12 year Single Malt Scotch

The initial aroma is sweetish, winey and oaky; aeration allows the aroma to expand to include marzipan, treacle, molasses, honey, vanilla bean, cinnamon and cocoa butter


Makers Mark 46  

A sweet bourbon, with a surprising amount of fruit and cream. The burn is what keeps it from being cloying.

Dessert Spirits